bonnie kaneBONNIE KANE: saxophone, flute, electronics
I’m looking for the outer rims of the molecules, the infinitely small spaces between things – because there lies the sound, the essence of each moment of breath, which is so clear, and so genuine, and so honest, that it is truth – and I need to live there. More info @

dave2_gannushkin108x126DAVE MILLER: drums
Clarity, definition, and purpose. Organizing and expressing the rhythms in the universe, showing the beauty in patterns, in unlimited detail. Dave can also be heard playing with Pet Bottle Ningen, Karl 2000, and Martin Bisi.
photo: Peter Gannushkin

RR-at-sea_108x126REUBEN RADDING: bass, electronics
The low frequency center of gravity forming the base from which all extends. He has provided the bass foundation for John Zorn, Elliott Sharp, Marc Ribot, Anthony Coleman, Andrea Parkins, Wally Shoup, Jane Rigler, Daniel Carter, Wade Matthews, Mary Halvorson, Nate Wooley, and many others.


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